The Prospects of Victory

Can We Win?

A frequent question that I have been asked since embarking on this journey is “Will this effort ever win?”  Well, that is an interesting way of looking at the problem, and instead begs another question:  “What does victory look like?”

Does winning mean a total repeal of the FOID Act?  Well, yes, that is the ultimate victory if your organization is called “End the FOID,” for sure.  But what about other measures of success?  What about defeating an expansion of the intrusiveness of FOID?  What about defeating an anti-gun politician who is vulnerable, and ushering in a pro-gun replacement?

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The Resignation of Illinois Gun Owners?

A frequent refrain seen on social media sites related to this effort is that anti-gun Chicago Democrats control Illinois, and that we have no chance to win.  But, while that is true at this time, does it describe some sort of inevitability?  Are we just sitting ducks, waiting for gun confiscation?  (If you believe that we are, please drop off all of your guns at my house.  I will keep them safe until the confiscation starts)

Or, is it that the gun owners in Illinois are just not organized effectively?  Or are we so woefully outnumbered that we have no ability to influence the General Assembly?

Whatever the case, we are the laughing-stock of the country.  People all over the United States want to know why people in Illinois put up with all of this.  Why don’t we move to Missouri, Indiana, or Iowa?  We could enjoy both lower taxes and fewer restrictions on our rights in something like 42 states, if I am not mistaken.


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Think Longer Term

Ending the FOID Act in Illinois is going to take time.  For one thing, I don’t see anything big happening on this effort this year since there is an election, and legislators will likely avoid anything controversial so they can instead spend their time speaking in platitudes to people who are barely listening anyway.

But this is the year we organize.  This is the year we identify support, socialize the issue, and try to influence gun owners to our side.  Some gun owners would not favor a repeal.  That’s fine.  Those of us who do need to show the others that we can influence the process, however minimally at this early stage.

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And as always, tell your friends about this effort, and ask them to get tuned in!

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