SB2211: Expansion of FOID’s Problems

FOID Revoked? Get ready for a search.

SB2211 seeks to strengthen the process with which FOID cards are revoked and seized, with this very dangerous and insidious twist:

If the person whose FOID card has been revoked fails to comply with the requirements of the Act, the sheriff or law enforcement agency where the person resides shall (rather than may) petition the court for a warrant to search for and seize the person’s FOID card and firearms.

So, basically, it seems obvious from the language in this bill that the bureaucrats who favor the use of FOID see them as a way to have de facto gun registration.  If there is reason for a FOID to be revoked, then the fact that a person had been issued a FOID is now probable cause for issuance of a warrant to search their property.

In fact, that is a major problem with the FOID in the first place:  It is not for firearm OWNERS, but for anyone who might want to possess a firearm even temporarily.  You can imagine someone getting a FOID so that they can go to a range a couple of times, and then if they get into some trouble and get that FOID revoked, their property will be searched!  That would be both a tremendous waste of tax-payer funded resources, as well as an unecessarily traumatic experience for someone who may not even own firearms, but didn’t comply with the statute quickly enough.

Need more proof that FOID is bad?

At least the anti-gun crowd is showing their proverbial hand with this bill and the language therein.  It truly is time for the gun owners in Illinois to band together and demand that the FOID Act is repealed.

If you support this effort, please tell your friends about it!  It will take time to build up enough pressure on the legislature to get a repeal, and that will take a ton of effort from people spreading the word.

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3 thoughts on “SB2211: Expansion of FOID’s Problems

  1. Sorry to say this but no matter what “we” think allbranches of the government does what ever thay want and we just have to put up with it. The average joe has zero input in anything anymore. Ob a ma is a prime example of this..congress wont do as he wants so he just sidesteps and does it anyway.

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