HB0492 Needs Your Support

Well, it isn’t looking great in the Illinois General Assembly, what with an amendment in the works that would allow a graduated-income tax, and Michael Madigan consolidating even more power through the House Rules.

BUT, that said, there is HB0492 which would repeal the FOID Act.  Please call your Representative and ask them to support this bill today!

Once you do that, please post on social media, perhaps tagging End the FOID if it is on Facebook!  Forward this webpage to your friends.

We need to build as much support as we can, as quickly as we can.  Heck, maybe with enough calls, we can distract the House from raising our taxes.  Ok, that might be a little optimistic.  But then, so is ending the FOID Act!!


One thought on “HB0492 Needs Your Support

  1. i think its strange this law was even allowed in…it is illegal in the first place as it goes against the Constitution which we swore an oath to defend from stuff just like this

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