First Things First

In Illinois, we have waiting periods, and a fairly restrictive Concealed Carry law.  However, here at End the FOID, we are of the opinion that the first problem we have to deal with is the FOID Actwhich needs to be repealed.

Step 1: Build a List of Supporters

We have a mailing list where we can communicate with our supporters, and inform them of time-sensitive updates to important legislation.  If you have not already, please be sure to subscribe!

We also have two Facebook pages:  End the FOID and Repeal the FOID.  Please like those pages, and share the posts on your own wall, or with other groups around FB.

Step 2: Identify Support in the General Assembly

We are watching a few bills in the General Assembly to determine who are likely supporters, as well as likely opponents.  Once we know who our likely supporters are, we will then use the mailing list and the FB pages to prompt people to contact those Reps or Senators and let them know that there is wide support for ending the FOID.

Step 3: Revealed Later

We are very far from Step 3 right now.  Don’t worry, we will update this page at the right time.

The main thing to note is that the success of this project will rely on YOU to respond to the calls to action, and put pressure on the legislators in the General Assembly.  The newsletter will contain time sensitive information about what we all need to do in order to help move the End the FOID legislation through the various processes.

One thing to remember is that it is an election year, and some legislators are not going to be willing to take any chances.  But our strategy remains to attempt to get them on record as a supporter or not, and to communicate that to the electorate.