HB0492 Needs Your Support

Well, it isn’t looking great in the Illinois General Assembly, what with an amendment in the works that would allow a graduated-income tax, and Michael Madigan consolidating even more power through the House Rules.

BUT, that said, there is HB0492 which would repeal the FOID Act.  Please call your Representative and ask them to support this bill today!

Once you do that, please post on social media, perhaps tagging End the FOID if it is on Facebook!  Forward this webpage to your friends.

We need to build as much support as we can, as quickly as we can.  Heck, maybe with enough calls, we can distract the House from raising our taxes.  Ok, that might be a little optimistic.  But then, so is ending the FOID Act!!


Illinois General Assembly: A Monopoly on Power

Vote the Bums Out!

In order for our effort to End the FOID to be successful, we need to be able to inform voters regarding incumbent General Assembly members, their positions on FOID, and their competition.  The idea being that anyone not favorable to our cause will be met with an effort from us to end their tenure in the legislative body.

Well, here is the problem:  We have no voter choice in MOST of the seats this election!

The Senate

This election season will see 40 of the Senate’s 59 seats up for grabs, but only 13 (32.5%) of those seats have more than 1 person on the ballot.  So the possible change of makeup is only 22%.


And the House

Of course, all 118 seats in the House are up for election every 2 years.  That is where the good news ends.  This year there are 70 (59.3%) seats facing no opposition, including Michael Madigan’s district.

As you can see from the numbers, it isn’t looking much better in this body.



How did we get here?

Well, the answer is simple, really.  The Illinois General Assembly sets the Election Code for the state, and they decided that if you do not have an R or a D by your name, then it should be extremely difficult to get onto the ballot.

So called “Independents” and “New Party” candidates face petition thresholds from 5x to 20x that of the establishment, and will then likely face challenges to their petition filings after that, again from the establishment!

While this post is not necessarily about the pros and cons of additional parties, it is clear enough that the powerful politicians do NOT want competition.  They are wielding their power as a means to maintain power.  This should be seen as completely disgusting.

Where to go from Here

At this point, we leave the realm of the FOID Act, and move into the election code.  Yes, we need term limits, as that would help.  But what we also need is a level playing field for ballot access.

If we don’t have choices, we cannot vote people out of office.  If there are people out there who might provide us with greater choices, why are they kept away?

The state would have us believe it is to keep from “crowding the ballot.”  The ballot is hardly crowded when 61.3% of the positions are running unopposed!

So, in conclusion, I hope you are happy with the Illinois General Assembly.  This time next year it will largely look exactly like it does today.

Interview with a Libertarian who opposes the FOID Act:

SB1640 Not Quite Dead…

The Deck is Stacked!

As you likely know, and as astutely pointed out in this piece from the Illinois Policy Institute, we are playing against a “stacked deck” here in Illinois when it comes to the General Assembly.  Making matters worse is the fact that 67% of the seats in the General Assembly are going uncontested this election year.  So that’s nice.

One Hope this Year

Last year, Senator Sam McCann filed SB1640, which would completely repeal the FOID Act.  The bill has only gained one co-sponsor in Senator Neil Anderson, before being pigeon holed into the Assignments Committee.

Here is where you come in!  This bill will die at the end of this two-year legislative session on May 31st, 2016!  We need to apply pressure to the chair of the Assignments Committee, Senator James Clayborne, Jr in order to get him to release the bill, so hopefully it can get a vote.

Sign the petition below to email Senator Clayborne!  After doing so, please share the petition on FB, and also email AND call your State Senator and urge them to cosponsor this bill.  (If you need contact information, comment below)

Release SB1640

Senator Clayborne,


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The Prospects of Victory

Can We Win?

A frequent question that I have been asked since embarking on this journey is “Will this effort ever win?”  Well, that is an interesting way of looking at the problem, and instead begs another question:  “What does victory look like?”

Does winning mean a total repeal of the FOID Act?  Well, yes, that is the ultimate victory if your organization is called “End the FOID,” for sure.  But what about other measures of success?  What about defeating an expansion of the intrusiveness of FOID?  What about defeating an anti-gun politician who is vulnerable, and ushering in a pro-gun replacement?

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The Resignation of Illinois Gun Owners?

A frequent refrain seen on social media sites related to this effort is that anti-gun Chicago Democrats control Illinois, and that we have no chance to win.  But, while that is true at this time, does it describe some sort of inevitability?  Are we just sitting ducks, waiting for gun confiscation?  (If you believe that we are, please drop off all of your guns at my house.  I will keep them safe until the confiscation starts)

Or, is it that the gun owners in Illinois are just not organized effectively?  Or are we so woefully outnumbered that we have no ability to influence the General Assembly?

Whatever the case, we are the laughing-stock of the country.  People all over the United States want to know why people in Illinois put up with all of this.  Why don’t we move to Missouri, Indiana, or Iowa?  We could enjoy both lower taxes and fewer restrictions on our rights in something like 42 states, if I am not mistaken.


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Think Longer Term

Ending the FOID Act in Illinois is going to take time.  For one thing, I don’t see anything big happening on this effort this year since there is an election, and legislators will likely avoid anything controversial so they can instead spend their time speaking in platitudes to people who are barely listening anyway.

But this is the year we organize.  This is the year we identify support, socialize the issue, and try to influence gun owners to our side.  Some gun owners would not favor a repeal.  That’s fine.  Those of us who do need to show the others that we can influence the process, however minimally at this early stage.

Be sure to like us on Facebook, and subscribe to our email list!  Our email list is how we will communicate to our supporters during the legislative process, letting them know where key parts of legislation stands!

And as always, tell your friends about this effort, and ask them to get tuned in!

SB2211: Expansion of FOID’s Problems

FOID Revoked? Get ready for a search.

SB2211 seeks to strengthen the process with which FOID cards are revoked and seized, with this very dangerous and insidious twist:

If the person whose FOID card has been revoked fails to comply with the requirements of the Act, the sheriff or law enforcement agency where the person resides shall (rather than may) petition the court for a warrant to search for and seize the person’s FOID card and firearms.

So, basically, it seems obvious from the language in this bill that the bureaucrats who favor the use of FOID see them as a way to have de facto gun registration.  If there is reason for a FOID to be revoked, then the fact that a person had been issued a FOID is now probable cause for issuance of a warrant to search their property.

In fact, that is a major problem with the FOID in the first place:  It is not for firearm OWNERS, but for anyone who might want to possess a firearm even temporarily.  You can imagine someone getting a FOID so that they can go to a range a couple of times, and then if they get into some trouble and get that FOID revoked, their property will be searched!  That would be both a tremendous waste of tax-payer funded resources, as well as an unecessarily traumatic experience for someone who may not even own firearms, but didn’t comply with the statute quickly enough.

Need more proof that FOID is bad?

At least the anti-gun crowd is showing their proverbial hand with this bill and the language therein.  It truly is time for the gun owners in Illinois to band together and demand that the FOID Act is repealed.

If you support this effort, please tell your friends about it!  It will take time to build up enough pressure on the legislature to get a repeal, and that will take a ton of effort from people spreading the word.

And be sure to subscribe to our email list to stay updated on issues like this!

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The “War on Terror,” and a “War on Rights” in Illinois

War on your Rights

Who needs the 4th Amendment, anyway?

Illinois House Bill 4359 seeks to allow the revocation of FOID cards, or denial of FOID applications, if the State Police “finds that the applicant or the person to whom the card was issued is or was at the time of issuance a person named on the consolidated Terrorist Watchlist maintained by the Terrorist Screening Center administered by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.”

Whoa, talk about slippery slope territory!  Ever since these Terror Watchlists were made public, they have received wide criticism for lack of transparency, judicial oversight, and being clear violations of the right to due process.  Critics argue that since people do not have to be told why they were placed on the list, nor are there effective avenues available to fight back.  So that’s nice.

How this bill relates to End the FOID

Here at End the FOID we need to keep track of which members of the Illinois General Assembly are on our side.  Clearly a legislator who is in favor of this bill is NOT going to be in favor of removing the FOID Act altogether, so this bill’s existence is instructive.

Still, we ask people to help to stop this bill from passing!  We need people to call their legislative offices and find out how their legislator is likely to vote on this bill, and then report that back to End the FOID.

Be sure to sign up for our email list, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and encourage all of your friends to do the same!

Executive Flailing: A Good Sign for Gun Owners

The recent executive orders issued by the current administration have the gun community just slightly on edge. For good reason, supporters of private firearm ownership tend to be extremely vigilant in opposition to new gun control measures. While many of us are not old enough to remember the “Assault Weapons Ban” of the 90’s, the Clinton ban is still fresh in the minds of many in the firearms community.


Before we merely had to contend with the banishment of certain features, now statements made by the anti-gun crowd are suggesting that new features be imposed on firearms! While the calls for fingerprint accessible firearms and government regulations on ammunition have a palpably dystopian ring to them, we should take a step back and review.


Over the past decade or so, more and more states have jumped on board with concealed carry permits. The past eight years or so we have seen record numbers of gun sales, and the near mainstreaming of positive gun culture.

Keep in mind that when the current administration took power, we had expected much worse than a few toothless executive orders. Congress is still largely pro-gun and it does not appear that any passable anti-self-defense legislation is on the table (note: I said passable). The overall landscape is still fairly positive for gun owners.


As proponents of civilian firearm ownership we find ourselves on the defensive – arguably far too much.   Rather than stand around waiting for an assault on our 2nd Amendment rights, we need to become pro-active in defense of our rights. Here at End The Foid we aim to do just that. In Illinois, we are currently working on a project to abolish the Firearm Ownership Identification Card.


A quick Google search of firearm ID card systems will bring up Illinois, New Jersey, and Massachusetts (we’re in good company). Most states (roughly 46 or so) require only a driver’s license and, of course, adherence to Federal age restrictions. Many of the people who move here from out of state are surprised to learn that the state of Illinois doubles down on licensing requirements. This places another layer of red tape between the individual and their right to self-defense. On top of that, it doesn’t appear that the state-licensing requirement does anything to curb actual gun violence. It does, however, make it extremely difficult to bring new shooters and owners into the fold.

Technically a FOID card is required just to hold a firearm at a gun show or gun store. Further, the ambiguous nature of the rules mean that otherwise harmless people can run into issues by inheriting firearms or even stumbling across ammunition without realizing the restrictions.


Rolling back FOID card restrictions will make it easier to bring new firearms owners and potential supporters of the 2nd Amendment into the fold. This will help us to grow the community as a whole, and help keep new potential shooters and collectors from being discouraged. This will serve to maintain overall support for firearms rights, and resistance to gun control at the State and Federal levels of government.


Here at End The FOID, we believe the words “…shall not be infringed.” Should be taken seriously. This is why we are taking pro-active steps in the fight against unnecessary firearm restrictions. It’s time we stop being on the defensive as a community and go out to retrieve our Constitutionally guaranteed rights.



Herbert Hale

Avid Shooting Enthusiast,

Collector and Outdoorsman,

And Co-Owner of


A little history on FOID

FOID has been the law in Illinois, in a few varying forms, since 1968.  It was instituted at the same time as the Gun Control Act of 1968.  Why is this important?

Well, glad you asked.  All the charts (comment if you need me to dig some up) show that crime got worse following the passage of the GCA.  That doesn’t mean that the GCA caused a rise in crime, but I am confident in saying it didn’t deter crime.

This was clearly an era of “we just have to do something” gun control ideas.  The ideas are outdated, and they do not work, unless their state goal is to reduce freedom.  They work quite well by that measure.

Pro-control authoritarian politicians are always going on about “common sense” gun control measures that “are proven to work.”  I think we can use that logic against the FOID:  nowhere in the country are these people calling for a FOID-like measure in other states or federally.

It is definitely time to End the FOID.

Don’t forget to sign up for our email list, and to like us on Facebook!  And then invite your friends to do the same!

Why End the FOID?

Good question. Easy answer.

For one thing, Illinois is one of only three states that has this type of requirement.  I could stop right there, but that would not be compelling to anyone considering this issue for the first time.

Abrogation of our Rights

In Illinois, you are required to be in possession of a Firearm Owners Identification Card, if you are holding a firearm, stun gun, certain air rifles (having a muzzle velocity of 700ft/sec or higher, or a projectile .18 or larger), or ammunition.

These rules apply even if you are on your own, private property!  You do not have to be the “owner” of the firearm in question.  As you can see, as well, the list of items that would require a FOID go well beyond “firearms,” despite the title of this particular card!

This  is a clear violation of the right to property for all people living in Illinois.

Serves no Good Purpose

What does the possession of a FOID prove?

It proves that the person identified on the card was able to pass a background check within the last 10 years, and that they paid $10 to the State Police.  That is all.

There is no age restriction, and no training requirement.  Can you imagine any 12-year-old who couldn’t pass a background check?  That person could have a FOID until they were 22, well into the age necessary to legally purchase a handgun.

This silly, administrative burden does nothing to reduce crime, and only does harm to every living person in Illinois who might not even own, but needs to use, a firearm.

It is time to End the FOID!  Subscribe to our email list to stay informed on our progress in this effort!